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MFA •• Queer AF •• Nonbinary •• Genderqueer/Genderfuck •• Pan/Demi •• Trans •• TransMasc •• Kinky •• Neurodivergent •• Anxious/Shy

Commissions: Ask •• Trades: Often •• Requests: No •• Collabs: Tentatively Interested •• Prompts: Curious

Zines: V Interested •• Fandom Events: Often •• RP: No •• Games: Often •• Other Community Projects: Curious

Social: Interested •• Creative Community: V Interested •• Servers/Community Hubs: Eager •• Shoptalk: Loved

Non-comprehensive Content Warnings (+...)
body horror, violence, non-sexual kink, non-sexual nudes, celebratory nudity, characters with extra limbs and eyes, fantasy, trans bodies (both that have transitioned and not), trans nudity, themes of gender and queerness (including 'phobia), masochism, occasional sexual nudity/imagery/kink, blood, non-realistic anatomy, occasional medical imagery, garish hybrids, garish things in general, idk to be honest my work is probably more content warning than not.

Re: Social

Academic •• Nerd •• Garish •• Fractal •• Abstract •• AFK w/out warning
Some social accounts used more than others; Carrd is up to date.

I am interested in creative community and in bolstering creative community. For me, that means some sort of creative endeavor is the center of the particular community, and while there may be a lot of communication/conversation about other topics too (that's honestly fine), writing or drawing or some other form of making is the central spoke that unites the community together.

I am specifically interested in warm, nurturing, non-competitive creative spaces. I love shop-talk of all kinds. I want to be in places where the community legitimately cares about and *supports* its members in all of their complicated, nuanced glory. I like communities that celebrate and revel in the differences of the experiences of their members, and respects who and what they are. I love communities where you can disagree with someone without negating them, and where there's a very clear distinction between differences of opinion (what art is for, the best way to approach things) and shit that's not ethical (disagreeing about whether or not a group should have basic access to social services and legitimacy.)

I a m also interested in groups that are organized around identity, though I tend to do better if there's still a focus on creativity and making.

If you have projects-- art projects or zines or stuff like that-- to support such groups, I am very interested in being involved. Similarly, if you have groups of this nature (servers, forums, other kinds of community hubs), I would be tentatively interested in taking a look.

Note that I have fairly extreme social anxiety, and it is particularly acute when I am interacting with new people or in public. I am often either very babble-y OR a complete lurker, and sometimes I never leave that last mode.

Paradoxically, given my career, I find attention to be excruciating. I occasionally have a lot of trouble responding to or leaving comments, especially in public venues, even on people whose work i know well and care about a lot. I am very thankful for any I do receive, even if I can't always compel myself to respond.

Note that I am a very enthusiastic supporter of big-tent theories, and that my aesthetic goals are not necessarily what one might anticipate. I do not find the idea of "good" or "bad" to be terribly relevant at the best of times, WRT art and its qualities. I'm more interested in trying to figure out how the thing is working in its current form, and why it's working that way. I think there can be multiple goals to creative work, and thus that the best form for any particular work to take should be dictated by that goal, and that the only person who is capable of making those decisions is the person who is making the work. I tend to follow and watch the work of people who are interesting for various reasons-- including sexual or kink-centered work for kinks that I'm *not* actually interested in, or that I may not necessarily *like* or be drawn to from a purely audience-member standpoint. All of this very much influences how I give critique-- I try to focus on how the thing is operating in its current state, and perhaps give suggestions on how i think it might become the most effective expression of whatever the artist's goal is.That said, because I can never entirely access the artist's goal, the artist is ALWAYS the one in control of the work, and thus my critiques can be free to be discarded-- and, if they're counter to what the artist is trying to do, *they should be.*

in 1x1 conversation (and eve in public and semi-public) conversations, i can be very socially awkward.

More conventionally, I am a nonbinary transmasculine neurodiverse queer AF individual with a lot of other labels besides (and note that I treat labels like shorthands, which means they gesture to a set of possible common experiences but to know the details you'd probably have to get to know me.) I have a bunch of degrees and continue to do research privately because I am a nerd. I have an MFA in studio art, with significant research focus in gender studies.

Most of the platforms and galleries linked here are more casually or socially oriented-- which means both that they might feature less formal work, such as sketches and WIP, that wouldn't appear in my normal portfolio; and, sometimes, that the work on some of those spaces is community-specific and thus that the intended audience is specifically the group for which I made them, so they don't really need to live anywhere but the platforms I use to interface with those groups.

At this time, I am not interested in most forms of RP-- though I may make an exception for novel RP formats, such as art RP or experimental writing.
I will do NSFW/sexual artwork. Such works are typically only done when requested/commissioned/traded for; there is a surcharge (see prices). They are released on limited platforms. AON will not be featured in any sexually-explicit artwork.

Non-sexual nudes do not count in this category for my purposes (as in, they do not require a surcharge). Any image that is sexual in nature-- which is to say that it depicts sex acts or it is for the purpose of appealing to sexual responses-- does qualify. I apologize for the vagueness there. This also does mean that some clothed images would qualify for this. Non-sexual kink often also qualifies for this, under the same circumstances, though very subtle forms of non-sexual kink may not count as NSFW (in the case of kink-- if it wouldn't be noticed to a significant degree in public, it's fine.)

I am willing to draw (and sometimes write) kink and sexual imagery that I am not into myself/that are Not My Kink. There are some exceptions to this, but feel free to ask for something if you're not sure-- I don't kinkshame, I just don't want to necessarily engage with some content personally, such as would be required to draw it. (I will not draw: underage anything, bodily waste, needles in a medical context, anything involving real world discrimination, anything glorifying white/chrisitan/nationalist supremacy, and exploitative violence. I will draw images for people whose identities I share about topics associated with discrimination, if requested, as forms of catharsis-- if, for instance, a trans person wants to commission me to write or draw something about transphobia, I am willing.)

User Discretion Is Advised. I may draw or write content that is upsetting or which might require content warnings, including gore. I may address serious topics. Some of the kinks I draw may not be kinks other people share, or may be things some folks consider degrading. I will warn as necessary, if so. Please note that these are works of fantasy, and even the tame or "realistic" stuff has been modified as part of becoming an artwork, and thus can never accurately reflect reality as it is experienced. Drawing and fiction are not substitutes for sex (or general) education. I understand sexual artwork specifically in very similar terms to kink-- which is to say that the stuff I depict is staged, and i mean this in two senses: first, the characters are doing something like acting-- they're not actually in danger; second, and more importantly, Please operate with all possible attention to your own safety, and avoid images with content you might find upsetting; I do my best to warn for such imagery.

Similarly, in keeping with the idea that fantasy =/= real life, please note that while certain fantasies may be depicted in my work, that does not mean I condone the actual thing represented by that fantasy, that it is safe to practice in real life, or that it's even physically possible (particularly WRT ropes; i do not always draw accurate ties). Indeed, while there are many "purposes" for fantasy-- here meaning basically all fiction-- one of them is to make situations more manageable and to give someone a chance to interface with certain content in a venue where they're not actually under threat. I would encourage anyone to proceed in real life with great care for their own limitations, and note that certain things like ropework are much more innocuous when drawn then they are irl-- ropes bondage is extremely dangerous, no matter how many precautions are taken. Please proceed IRL with safety, risk-awareness, and every possible measure to ensure consent and care as is possible to take.


Terms of Use
As mentioned elsewhere, I reserve the right to refuse any commission or trade or offer for any reason, and to not give a reason-- most often, this is because of my own uncooperative schedule. I also reserve the right to change my pricing as I choose.

Payment must be received prior to starting work. If you are sending me partial payments, then I will only complete the work up to the percentage of the agreed upon price that has been paid.

I reserve the right to display the image in certain contexts, including in portfolio, gallery sites, socials, art shows, literary magazines, art magazines and publications, promotional contexts intended to display my skills, and other professional and fandom contexts. I do not claim the image in such contexts-- only that I made the image.
(Note: if my characters appear in the image, I reserve more extensive display rights, and may sell prints of the image; l an willing to forgo print sales for a surcharge. )

Use & Derivations
The final work is yours to do with as you choose. Once released to you, I retain no ownership or claim to it. I do request the following:

- do not remove my signature, or if you do (such as cropping for profile graphics) please add a small credit in text on the image
- you do not need to credit me every time you use a character I designed, but somewhere on their profile or their uploaded reference, I appreciate a link back to me.
Do not create derivative imagery for sale from the image I made-- i.e, don't shift the colors in a design and then resell it as a separate design, or treat my drawings like templates. You are free to alter designs and characters and sometimes even drawings for personal use. You are free to use them wherever you want.

I will never reclaim any character I've made and that has passed out of my control. I will not do business with anyone who does.

My process is slow, and it involves extensive digital research, which is active work time, compensation for which is included in my pricing.

IF I have not begun that research, you may cancel a commission and get a full refund, minus fees from whatever service used to pay me and send the payment back to you.

IF that research process has started, then I will only refund 75% of the price, maximum.

After that, refunds will be distributed based on percentage of the work completed. At the sketch stage, 50% refund; at the lines/flats stage (if relevant)- 35%; if digital painting or shading has been started 25% refund; if we're at finishing, 10% refund.

Alternative; this option exists for prompt-type commissions, but it can technically be applied to any commission: At any point, you can have me scrap the commission and start over anew, including at approval-- however I will retain ownership of all stages of the work I've done towards the image thusfar, including the compositon, design, and sketches. You DO NOT own those elements, and you may not take them to someone else to finish. I will restart the original commissioned image, significantly different from this one, and the previous version-- now mine-- will be modified to include one of my characters and/or made available as a YCH. This also applies to character designs done on commission. I will only do that once.

I do not follow a conventional workflow, which is to say that I don't move forward in a predictable direction for most drawings (sketch > smooth lines > flats > shades > etc). That said, each project does have a plan, and that includes prospective workflow-- it's just potentially different for every project, and may not include the stages some commissioners may anticipate.

IF you would like to know the workflow of your anticipated project, please let me know when you make your commission request. These are also the stages at which it is most convenient to check in with you, etc.

Re: checking in-- when you make your commission request, it's not a bad idea to tell me how often you'd like me to check in with you, and how often you'd like to approve things before I move on to the next stage. This is an area with a lot of potential flexibility.

No Additional Cost
• Multiple formats (...)
Final image will be provided to you in multiple formats, including high res for print & for screen. I'm also willing to perform CMYK conversions (there will be color loss), provide additional formats (Pngs, jpgs, tifs), multiple resolutions, crops, etc. I do not make the working files available, though.

• With text
• Alt simple backgrounds (not always possible, esp digital paintings)

Additional costs
• Human-faced Characters: +$15
• Additional Figures: +Variable, ~20-50$ (...)
Specifics depend on both how much of the character is shown and what kind of commission it is. Cheaper commission types will be at the lower end of that range, more detailed/time-consuming/stressfull/complex commission types will cost more. In some cases, the cost may exceed that range, but that's very unlikely. Discounts may be possible for many other characters, but that also depends on my willingness to entertain large group images.

Also note that smaller additional characters-- like pets and smaller animals-- are at a cheaper reduced rate, and these often are available in groups for discounts. these assume +10-30$, with the same modifying caveats as above.

• No Reference: +5% (...)
Due to the additional complication and likely the increased number of check-ins required when doing a commission where the character has no reference, there is a surcharge for this kind of work.

• My characters are present, but I may not sell prints: +10%
• Sexually explicit and/or kinky work: Vanilla, +$20; mild/nonsexual kink: +$25; requires trigger warning: +$50 (...)
This is slightly negotiable, and there are also discounts available (such as if you commission one of your characters playing with mine.)Also please note that I draw a distinction between artistic nudity and nsfw/explicit content, and that there is no additional charge for nudes; along those lines, work doesn't necessarily have to involve penetration or genitals to be sexually explicit.

Sexually explicit and kink-based works get released on a limited number of accounts-- sometimes crops will be released widely, sometimes they will not. I am not always able to stream explicit works, due to restrictions of platforms.

I do not have a specific list of kinks I will not make work for listed on here, because this particular platform has content limitations. That said, I will definitely not do dismembering, extreme gore, maiming, death/bad-endings, anything involving bodily waste (in almost any context, including many non-sexually-explicit contexts). All characters I draw need to be clearly of legal age, physically and mentally. Extreme stylistic bodily presentations (hyper, macro) are also things I am more likely to turn down. Otherwise, feel free to ask. I don't mean to kink-shame anything, and while I'm often willing to draw things I'm not into, I do still want to respectfully observe my own limits.

If you're unsure whether what you have in mind would count as kinky or sexually explicit, or if I'd be willing to do it, you're welcome and encouraged to contact me privately.
• Template / reusable image: x3 (...)
The image is meant for derivative works in whatever form those are intended. Often this is a set of lines on which designs are made, or some other kind of base.

This also assumes the derivative use is for pay/intends to make a profit; if the base is going to be made publicaly available, I may be willing to do a discount; if it's for private but still restricted use, there will be a surcharge but it won't be as high.

• Fast Turnaround: Variable, x.5 at least (...)
I am not not a fast maker, and while I do put commissions on a timeline and maintain a certain level of strictness with myself about their completion, it is nevertheless a long process. Anything faster than 1 month will incur a x0.5 multiplier. Faster than that, and that multiplier rises pretty dramatically. I am extremely unlikely to accept anything that requires less than a week, for any amount of money.

• Compositional complexity: Variable (...)
This is necessarily a vague category, for which I apologize; it's hard to anticipate what elements are going to prove difficult before I've been told peoples' ideas. These decisions about complexity mostly have to do with things that take additional time and/or involve a lot of very fine detailing (those categories also tend to overlap.) Where possible, I have already accounted for these complexities in the price of commission packages; this category exists here as a catch-all and safety, such as if someone wants to add a matte-painting style background to a commission type that doesn't already include that. Even then, all it can do is gesture towards what might be compositionally complex-- so, the gesturing: landscape-style backgrounds, backgrounds involving or overlapping with the territory of still lives, complex lighting situations, multiple figures with multiple complex interactions, extremely dynamic or foreshortened images, images that occur over a huge panoramic space, images for unusual or hardware-straining endcase scenarios (4k 32bit color images that will make my CPU suffer), images that require me to create a number of assets ahead of time (such as patterns), extremely complex characters (though here I am probably more likely to be lenient than not, given the design of my own characters-- my measure of normal is probably a bit weird, for that one.)

• Printing and Shipping: Variable, ~7-15$ shipping + print (...)
Shipping is an additional cost if the work exists physically, as is printing if you'd like a digital images printed. Please tell me ASAP, ideally in the commission request, if the image is or might eventually live in printed form, whether or not you intend to have me arrange the printing-- it informs things like comp design and the specifications of the image, especially if you have a specific size or printer in mind.

I am happy to arrange for images to be printed with one of the printers I've used before; your print would be available at a discount to normal print prices (usually 75%, though it depends on the cost of the printing; single copies are more expensive than a run).

If i handle fulfillment (some printers will ship directly to you), shipping is its own cost; it depends on the size/weight of the package being shipped, time of year, and where it's going. Domestic USA shipping for paper goods like prints is usually somewhere between 7-12$ and international is 10+$. I do build in a safety margin to shipping costs, but I also try to keep it as close to my cost as possible, given that constraint. If you want a more specific estimate, you can get in touch with me and I'll tell you what I'd charge around the time of your ask.

Reduces Cost
• Image can be used for a YCH: -20-25% (...)
Or, if it's a design, I can use the drawing as a template for future designs, either for personal use or sale. If for a YCH, this type would be a flatsale of a number of slots, at whatever my current YCH prices are, in the style of that kind of digital monotype.

• Includes my characters: -25-50% (...)
This is a good option if you want me to draw a narrative image but you don't have another character lined up for the image. Not all characters are available for every kind of image-- it depends on what would be IC for them-- if needed, I can probably suggest an alt.

• I am allowed to sell prints of the finished work: -10%
• Let me be experimental: -15-40% (...)
I have various techniques I want to try and studio games I like to play with myself-- let me do so on a comm for a discount. I can't always anticipate these outcomes. Higher discount for more experimentation. Basic figure drawing practice is -5%. Similar options available under Prompt Commissions.

In general, as many specifics as you can give me are appreciated!

Your contact information
your name, your contact information, an email to which to send the invoice, an address if it involves physical goods

Information about the commission
NSFW y/n, Commission Type/What you're interested in, Characters (include refs), How many characters/figures, How detailed/what kind of background, Specifics about: pose, setting, mood, stylistic variants, etc.

Things in my gallery you like and/or would like me to emulate for this image, Any visual or metaphorical inspirations or sources you specifically would like me to keep in mind for this image, things you like or that remind you of this commission (with explanations of how and why)

As mentioned on the main commission pages, I'm only interested in trading for work with similar terms-- by which I mean usage terms. If I buy art, I would like to be able to upload it on multiple gallery sites or character profiles, with links to the original artist. I want to be able to use characters as I choose, including possibly in my professional work, with credits to the character's original designer in the character's bio. The characters can never be reclaimed; any characters I use stay with me. SO, if you're interested in trading me for a YCH or a character design (which i am actually quite interested in), bear that in mind.

I am also willing trade for unlike things-- a few character designs for original images, for instance. Details worked out per trade.


I do not maintain a patreon at this time. My studio practice is also variable, and there are weeks at a time that I spend doing experimental work or deep research, neither of which consistently yields anything particularly interesting to anyone but me. Thus, maintaining a regular posting commitment on a service like Patreon is not viable at this time.

I also believe strongly in art and resources being as widely available as possible, so as to be able to reach those who need them without paywalls. Where possible, I'm balancing that ethos against the need to fund my studio practice, and I tend to err on availability. I also try to volunteer my time, when possible, to community projects such as zines and fandom events.

At this time, most of my studio funding comes from tips, donations, and print sales.

Please also note that I never sell characters that I've bought or used in personal art; I occasionally sell my designs, but only designs that were made to be sold. Please do not ask about purchasing my characters. Thanks.

Prints are priced according to size, cost of production, and method of printing. They can be roughly broken down into a few categories, w/ loose price range estimates:
(Note: I don't maintain significant inventory, so if there's an image you are interested in and you can't find a print available, get in touch, I am happy to print at request.)

Offset Litho & Digital Prints ~$20-30+
Storefronts TBA
These are short-run prints produced on (...)
large presses, usually using CMYK process inks or vibrant toners. Some printers may use ink-jet. I buy these in lots and distribute them myself. They come in a variety of papers, usually dictated by what the printer makes available; when possible, I acquire them on heavier coated cardstocks of high quality. These are open-edition prints, and I will occasionally purchase runs of the same image from different printers, and on different papers.

Gallery-Quality Giclees ~$30-40+
Available at: INPRNT
High quality, archival pigment (...)
prints on digital art papers. Usually done with pigment ink jet prints. These are archival and meet gallery standards, printed either on demand or in very short runs. Open edition, and often printed with the intention to be framed (so usually not full bleeds, though this theoretically can be arranged.)

Photographic process & superfine Giclees ~$40-60+
Highest quality prints I have available,(...)
these are sourced from a very limited number of printers who are well-known for high quality work. Gallery quality, done on very rich and fine artist papers that enhance the images. The photographic prints are made using color photography techniques, as if film; this category also includes superfine giclees on the best available paper, using the richest pigment inks. This is the quality I prefer to show, when possible. These are usually printed on demand, so contact me privately if there's an image you want at this quality.

Special and Limited Editions variable
Including special substrates or printing technology, limited editions, (...)
and other kinds of prints, this is the broadest category. Limited editions are prints numbered and signed; no more than the edition number of that print will be made available. Special prints may be unusual substrates (such as metallic papers or holographic papers), white ink prints or opaque CMYK, foil prints, spot-color prints, or unusual or experimental printing tech like a risograph edition. Special prints are often limited editions, even when they're being printed off of an image that's otherwise available as open-editions (risograph prints, for example, are unusual and often require extensive image modification, and unlikely to be printed under the same conditions twice; thus pretty much any riso print I'd offer would be limited). These are available mostly based on my whims-- if there's an image you'd like in an experimental process or on a uncommon substrate, please feel free to make the request.

Included in this category are dye-sub prints on textiles, on demand.

Hand-pulled artist prints will sometimes also be available-- either unique imagery or sometimes imagery that exists in other forms-- but at present I consider these a different kind of thing, closer to original artwork than anything on this page due to the nature of the commercial printing process, and so they'll be listed separately when they are available.

More Info (...)
I source prints produced by different shops and technologies, based on the needs of the image.

If prints are sold matted and/or framed, the cost of the mat/frame and framing is included in the listed price. Shipping is not usually included in the price.

YCH/Digital Monotypes
YCH's are images where the image is roughed out, with figures, and then sold, finished using the buyer's character. Sometimes they are unique, and sometimes they are sold with slots and the same image is made multiple times w/ multiple characters. I have a printmaking background, so I draw a connection between these and monotypes, which are a kind of hand-pulled artist print done off of a single plate, but inked differently each time, so that each image is a unique variant on the original. For my purposes, I'll be drawing on that connection.

I don't often make YCH's, but when I do, they will be be made available on active gallery platforms and on digital storefronts.

I am most likely to release YCH's with multiple slots-- somewhere between 3 & 7. I am also most likely to release them as flatsale, rather than auctions; ~$35/charater.

If you are interested in YCH's and i have none available, please feel free to contact me and request I work some up-- I often have sketches laying around that can be turned to this purpose. I am also occasionally willing to rework personal images as YCH's, if people have specific interest-- it depends on the image, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Adopts/Premade Character Designs
I occasionally make premade designs for fun; if I have any available, they'll be listed on my active platforms and digital storefronts. I am more likely to do flatsale than auctions..

My terms for adoptables are the same as any other commission, but particularly so because they're characters. No restrictions, use them as you will wherever you will, change what you want, i retain no right to control or reclaim them, & all i ask for is a credit on profiles/other such convenient places.

I am very willing to trade designs for designs, especially premade designs, provided our permissions match and the character I receive is similarly without restrictions.

I will happily take trades, on the basis of my own availability. I also no longer schedule trade slots specifically, because how many trades I can take on at once varies based on other unpredictable aspects of my schedule. I am interested in a wide variety of styles and visual affects*. Thus please feel free to get in touch with me if you're interested in a trade; if i'm not available, please feel free to try again in future.

I do set timelines for my half-- not for yours-- but these timelines are longer than and secondary to those set for commission, if I've got any at the time.

I am only interested in trades that match my terms, re: use of finished artwork and/or [especially] characters (See terms, but in short no usage restrictions or reclaims); I am only interested in trading with people who do not practice discrimination and who do not mind drawing trans characters; I AM willing to trade for unlike things, with some negotiation (multiple sketches for illustration, for example, or original artwork for character designs). I will sometimes trade for prints or physical pieces, but in that case I may still ask for shipping, or it would be for in exchange for physical goods.

* As in, affectations, not effects.

Priced out commission types are forthcoming; they'll have their own page, due to their complexity. In the meantime, quick placeholders:

narrative Illustration w complex bg and 2 characters: 200$; 2 character portrait: $150; 1 character portrait: $150; Aggregative sketches: $75; Custom character design: $100; Pet portrait: 75$ or if directly form a provided photo 50$

My availability is variable, due to the nature of my studio practice and some other elements of my job; in the interests of not overloading myself and operating fairly towards my clients, I only take a few at a time. Contact me if interested.

Please look through my gallery and include images of work that you like in your request, or whose stylistic attributes you'd like me to emulate-- doing so can often help me both price your request and figure out what you're looking for. Please do not ask me to directly emulate or copy the work of other people; I request that clients hire me on the basis of the things that I make and the way that I make them, and allow me to do what I do best. Please also note the characteristics of my styles, and include specifics if there are things you do or don't want-- including things like stylistic techniques or attributes, or aspects of my work that I deliberately cultivate such as non-finito/provisionality or pentimento or sketchiness/rawness.

I reserve the right to deny a commission for any reason, and I also reserve the right not to tell you that reason. I also reserve the right to change my prices at any time. Please also keep in mind that I am slow and deliberative. Hire me with a month of lead-time at least.

Price depends on what you're looking for specifically, and is estimated based on my time, resources, ability, and interest.
Stylistic, technical, and design variation is possible-- is actually something I deliberately cultivate-- within all of these categories; the categories are primarily assembled with regards to how I have to approach composition-- e.g, background complexity and number of figures and narrative structure. I deliberately cultivate sketchiness and "unfinish", my work has a lot of pentimento, and one of the things I'm interested in is multiplicity of style.
Check-in breaks are thus going to be a litlte more flexible and contingent on your request.
My workflow always includes a huge degree of visual research; this is built in to the price.

Prompt Commissions
An alternative type of commission wherein I'm given a prompt and a high degree of artistic license, rather than the common mode of operation where the commissioner has an image in mind. These can take various forms, but basically, the commissioner gives me refs for the character, perhaps some very broad parameters/a description of what that character is like, and some kind of prompt. The prompt can be a theme, it can be vague or specific, but the point is that it's more like a puzzle and I have the freedom to solve it.

Very simple versions of this include using a character during figure drawing practice, or doing some of the experimental techniques I've been wanting to try out on the image. Design applications might be creating an offspring-- canonical or just visual-- from two (or three, or six) existing characters, or designing a character from a single vague theme (a song, or "forest fires"), or multiple themes (Howl's moving castle + mysterious crystal caves + lace). More complex could be using a writing prompt, a two-sentence summary of a character's story, a decontextualized excerpt from a book, etc. Lots of possibilities here, and i am both eager and flexible.

These commissions are inherently more risky; I can't always anticipate the result, and you might not like the result. To compensate for this, there is a redo structure described in Refunds. This is my favorite type of commission to do, but the risk is very real.
Character for figure drawing practice: $35; offspring design: $50; themed character design: $75; technique experimentation on character portrait: $50; prompted narrative portrait: $100; prompted narrative illustration: $150

I sometimes take the recordings from my streams and string them together, sped up 16-20x, into speedpaints of recording sessions. They're minimally edited, they feature no sound, and since they're by day and I often bounce between images, they aren't linear. I am currently weighing various options regarding what venues on which to release them, and how.

I am ambivalent as to whether or not to release them for free-- on one hand, it's very important to me to provide free access to as much as possible; on the other hand, I don't actually have an income RN other than tips, donations, and print sales. I'm looking for platforms that are basically some kind of digital repository that people can subscribe to, from which they can stream these videos; I'm also considering splitting the difference and releasing the raw sped-up recordings to the public, and selling occasional compilations of all work on a single image or types of images or images with related ideas.

More forthcoming.

Misc other things I'll do.

Single css/html layout for existing service that I use (Toyhouse, forums): ~$20-30
Complex css/html multi-page layout: $50+

$10/1000 words
$13/1000 words for sexually explicit works

Informative documents:
Things like rules, nonfiction, system design, etc. This involves asking you for a lot of information, both about the content you want and the role of the work.
$8/1000 words

Grants, prospectus, proposals
$10/1000 words

I leave thorough comments; SPAG + flow + more; I can do this for academic, nonfiction, and essays.
$5/1000 words

I have professional experience teaching, running workshops, and giving critique or assistance. I am willing to make tutorials or recorded demonstrations with most materials/ideas I use in my practice. Contact me privately for rates, if interested.


I don't always check all the socials I post to-- particularly the public-facing ones I'm uncomfortable using, e.g. twitter-- so this form is a more reliable way of getting in touch, requesting my discord, etc.